Saturday, May 2, 2009

Connect With English

In my Spanish class, my teacher showed us a video from a series for intermediate Spanish learning that I loved. It was similar to Crossroads Café for English learners, which featured "a city café where six characters come together and discuss life in their new country." It's a great series, but a little outdated. Now, Connect with English features a central character named Rebecca who travels across the US on her way to materializing her dreams as a singer.

As for pricing, Connect With English is less expensive than Crossroads Café. All the videos can be shown for free in the classroom with streaming media (can't download). So that means all you'd have to purchase are the books. Talk to your local literacy agency to see if they have these for loan. Or speak with a nice librarian at your public library to see if the workbooks could be purchased for the collection. Your students will be happy just to borrow the books and it always helps circulation statistics at the library.