Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hot English Magazine

Check out this new magazine in British and American English from Hot English Magazine. If you ever wanted to appeal to the trendy in order to make your classes or tutoring a ton more fun, this is the magazine for you! Each issue includes a CD with the audio version of articles, telephone calls, fun grammar modules, jokes, and much more.

There are teacher pages you can purchase from the website, or you can just make your own to go with each segment you want to use in class. They have classroom subscriptions too. If you have an overhead machine, you could skip the cost and just use one magazine. Very bright colors, glossy pages, and full of content. It would take an ESL student weeks to go through all of it!

There's 4 different levels of material in each issue: Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced. Just a heads up--the Pre-Intermediate is for what we would think of as High Intermediate, and the Advanced is more advanced than People magazine, but very educational. The advanced level would be good for students who are at a high school senior level, or adults who've done a lot of independent reading. With 4 levels in each issue, your student will have something to read or listen to for sure. With the British English included, I have as much fun as my students do as I listen to the audio.

This magazine is now available for checkout at the Brookfield Library! Stop in and check it out!