Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ProLiteracy Praises Subcommittee Approval of State Grant Funds

David C. Harvey, president and CEO of ProLiteracy, today said he is pleased by the action of the House Subcommittee on Appropriations for Labor, Health and Human Services approving the $612 million allocation for state grants to adult education proposed by President Obama in his FY 2011 budget.

"This funding represents a $30 million increase in state grants to local literacy and basic education programs from the 2009 budget," Harvey said. "It's a modest but badly needed down payment on what we hope will be an even greater investment down the road."

ProLiteracy has learned that the subcommittee approved the President's state grant funding level as part of its review of appropriations bills on July 15. ProLiteracy also learned that the subcommittee approved a $30 million appropriation for a Workforce Innovation Fund. This fund will allow adult literacy and basic education programs funded under the Workforce Investment Act Title I and II to work together, and with other local and regional partners, to develop comprehensive proposals to scale promising practices.

"It is my hope that these innovation funds will make it possible for more community-based literacy programs to receive desperately needed resources. These programs traditionally work with adults at the lowest literacy levels, those most in need of instruction so they can find jobs that pay a living wage," Harvey said.