Thursday, April 26, 2012

I love what I do!

One of my youngest students at LT, where I teach part-time, also goes to classes at College of DuPage.  He told me today that he was dissatisfied with one of the lectures there.  The reason was because this teacher failed to elaborate on Latin root words when explaining the vocabulary of academic studies, e.g. geo-logy, geo-metry, geo-graphy.  What a lost opportunity to expound on something!  The primary reason I love being a teacher and working at a library is that I get to expound on things every day; it is a great joy.  For example, when someone at the library asks me, "What is the GED study group like?" I get excited and love to explain our relaxed learning approach.  It really clicked again for me this afternoon that I love what I do and I love to expound on it!