Saturday, July 13, 2013

Break the Cycle Infographic

It's amazing how poverty, crime, and low levels of literacy are linked.  Take for instance this infographic from Reading Horizons.  The last figure given at the bottom of the infographic was what caught my attention the most because it hits home.

We use Reading Horizons at the Berwyn Public Library with our adult learners.  After just 40-60 hours of instruction, adult learners can improve their reading ability by 2-3 grade levels.  This is double the gain that is typically seen through small group tutoring or one-to-one tutoring alone.

This just blows me away because I am actually involved with two programs right now.  In addition to the adult learning program at the library, I am also managing the adult literacy program for Literacy Volunteers of Western Cook County.  For the benefit of all of our learners, we need to see results more like what can be achieved with Reading Horizons than by tutoring alone.  That's why I can't wait to see what our results will look like after the first year of making available the print-based version of Reading Horizons for our tutors.  This new program year is going to be unbelievably exciting!