Saturday, September 21, 2013

USCIS Mock Interview Presentation | Berwyn Public Library

We're excited to have USCIS coming to do a Mock Naturalization Interview here at our library on Tue. October 22, 2013.  Two USCIS Outreach representatives (playing the roles of adjudicator and applicant) will perform an interview that passes, and one that fails.  They'll also answer any questions that our students in our Citizenship Study Group ask them.

Recently USCIS reached out to our library director, who referred them to me.  They are looking to do outreach of their own, so if you would like USCIS to come to you, find your local USCIS office and give them a call.  They offered to do community informational presentations, as well as visit our study group.  When they were here, they brought us a free updated toolkit with flashcards in English and Spanish.  They give one free toolkit to every library who requests one, but extra copies may be purchased.