About the Blog

Welcome! My name is Esther Chase, and I'm an adult literacy advocate in the near-west suburbs of Chicago.

I have worked and served in the following organizations:

Literacy Volunteers of Western Cook County: President of the Board of Directors
Pav YMCA in Berwyn, IL: Marketing & Financial Development Director

Berwyn Public Library: Outreach Services
Libraries' Reading and English Network (LEARN): Member
Lyons Township High School: Adult ESL Teacher, 2009-2012
Project CARE at Morton College: Adult Literacy & ESL Tutor

Libraries are a natural provider of literacy services and programs for adults learning to read and write, and for those learning English as a Second Language. Higher levels of literacy coincide with higher socioeconomic status in a community. It has also been shown that communities with higher literacy levels routinely take advantage of their public library's services. Volunteer literacy tutors can help reverse trends of generational low-literacy by introducing the value of their public library to their adult learners.

It is my belief that libraries and literacy organizations can create powerful partnerships. Together, we can help our communities and our patrons rise to a better quality of life and to new levels of civic engagement that are the real American Dream.

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