New Tutor Resources

Resources for New Adult Literacy Tutors and Teachers

Perhaps you are a new volunteer tutor or perhaps you did a search for tutor & teacher resources.  Regardless, here are some very basic resources to peruse in order to prepare yourself to be a knowledgeable tutor or teacher of adults.

There are new tutor resources for those who have no background in adult education and there are theory-based resources for seasoned tutors and teachers of adults. (Some of the resources suggested are for younger learners, but the main concepts can be applied to adult instruction.)

The links will take you to WorldCat, which will help you locate the item at a library near you.  Some of the titles are older and may be out of print, so libraries may be the only places to find them.  If you have a resource to suggest, please email me at esther_chase @

New Adult Literacy Tutors

Colvin, Ruth J. Tutor 8: A Collaborative, Learner-Centered Approarch to Literacy Instruction for Teens and Adults. Syracuse, NY: New Readers Press, 2009. Print.

Frey, Patricia, and Evey Renner. Litstart: Strategies for Adult Literacy and Esl Tutors. Lansing, Mich: Michigan Literacy, Inc, 1999. Print.

Siljander, Raymond P, Jacqueline A. Reina, and Roger A. Siljander. Literacy Tutoring Handbook: A Guide to Teaching Children and Adults to Read and Write. Springfield, Ill: C.C. Thomas, 2005. Print.

Reading Instruction Theory

Campbell, Pat. Teaching Reading to Adults: A Balanced Approach. Edmonton: Grass Roots Press, 2003. Print.

McShane, Susan. Applying Research in Reading Instruction for Adults: First Steps for Teachers. Jessup, Md: National Institute for Literacy, 2005. Print.

Nessel, Denise D, and Margaret B. Jones. The Language-Experience Approach to Reading: A Handbook for Teachers. New York: Teachers College Press, 1981. Print.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Celce-Murcia, Marianne, Donna M. Brinton, and Marguerite A. Snow. Teaching English As a Second or Foreign Language. Boston, Mass. [u.a.: National Geographic Learning [u.a., 2014. Print.

Parrish, Betsy. Teaching Adult ESL: A Practical Introduction. New York: McGraw-Hill ESL/ELT, 2004. Print.

Vaille, Barbara, and Williams J. Quinn. Creating Book Clubs in the English Language Classroom: A Model for Teachers of Adults. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 2006. Print.

GED/High School Equivalency

Literacy Volunteers of Western Cook County - GED Information
Career Online High School

Online Training Videos

Literacy Volunteers of Western Cook County - YouTube

Learning Challenges

Goldstein, Ricki. Taking the Mystique Out of Learning Disabilities: A Practical Guide for Literacy Tutors. Saint John, N.B: Laubach Literacy of Canada, 2000. Print.